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A Look at Heat Recovery Systems.

Every facility loses heat to the atmosphere. In industrial settings, this loss is a significant source of wasted energy and money.

Common Industrial Applications for Air-to-Air Heat Exchangers.

Many industrial processes create heated air as some type of exhaust or byproduct. Typically, this heated air gets vented outside into the environment.

Custom Made Heat Exchangers.

Most of the time, different solutions are required to be offered for different processes in heat transfer applications.

How Do Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers Work.

For more than 23 years, the team at Fete Vessel. has focused on high-performance industrial air-to-air heat exchangers as well as packaged heat recovery systems, with a specialization in customized builds and designs.

Low Pressure Boosting Compressors Project.

Details of our recent project.

Maintenance and Cleaning of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger.

Although tube heat exchangers are long lasting and troublefree, they are subject to certain deformations and contamination resulting from external factors.

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