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Cooper Air Compressor Aftercooler
Cooper Air Compressor Aftercooler
Cooper Air Compressor Aftercooler
Cooper Air Compressor Aftercooler
Cooper Air Compressor Aftercooler

Cooper Air Compressor Aftercooler

Available inter cooler models:




Air Compressor Cooling System

During the compression process in an air compressor, heat is generated as a byproduct. To ensure optimal performance and prevent damage, it is essential to effectively manage and dissipate this heat through a series of cooling components, including pre-coolers, intercoolers, and aftercoolers.


In many industrial applications, multi-stage air compressors are utilized to enhance compressed gas efficiency while minimizing costs. As the air is compressed, heat is generated, leading to air expansion and necessitating increased horsepower for further compression. Intercoolers play a crucial role in this process by providing cooler, drier, and denser air to facilitate subsequent compression stages.


Following the intercooler, the compressed air undergoes a heat exchange process in an aftercooler. This device employs either cold ambient air or cold water as a medium to extract heat from the compressed air. By effectively removing heat, the aftercooler not only aids in temperature reduction but also eliminates moisture from the compressed air, contributing to improved overall air quality.

Oil Cooler:

In the context of an air compressor's engine, an oil cooler is employed to regulate oil temperature and facilitate the engine's cooling system in efficiently dissipating excess heat. Typically, this type of cooler utilizes a water-to-oil heat exchanger configuration, where the engine coolant flows around the tubes containing the oil. As a result, heat is transferred from the oil to the coolant, helping maintain optimal operating conditions for the engine.

Materials information:

Cooper Tubes
Cooper/Aluminum Fins
Stainless steel cover plate

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