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Tech 07 May. 2021

Maintenance and Cleaning of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger


Although tube heat exchangers are long lasting and troublefree, they are subject to certain deformations and contamination resulting from external factors.

Depending on the systems they are used in, they do need to go under cleaning and maintenance at regular intervals.

Cleaning done without correct methods and chemicals may damage the tubes and require greater revisions in the heat exchanger. So, it is of utmost importance for the cleaning and maintenance to be carried out by a team of experts.

For all types of tube heat exchanger, expert staff of MIT provides cleaning, maintenance and repair services. Maintenance and cleaning processes are completed as soon as possible and the product is delivered to your plant as its first day performance.

Apart from cleaning, inner tubes that are corroded and deformed in time can be changed individually or as a group depending on the structure of the heat exchanger. Tube materials can be selected as required during this process.

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